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Hello, I'm Thomas, and I'm thrilled to share with you my journey in the financial industry where I've accumulated over a decade of specialized experience. I hold a Chartered Status, which is a testament to my commitment to professionalism, ethical standards, and continuous learning in the field of finance.

My Expertise in Leverage Instruments

Tom Drury Profile Picture Over the years, I've become proficient in trading leverage instruments, particularly Contracts for Difference (CFDs). I've spent countless hours mastering different trading strategies to capitalize on market volatility. My favourite among these is breakout trading, a strategy that has consistently yielded profitable outcomes for me.

My Involvement in Crypto Trading

I've also ventured into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. While my portfolio is heavily weighted towards established coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), I have a fondness for trading low-market-cap cryptocurrencies that offer the thrill of higher volatility. I believe in a balanced approach that combines the security of established assets with the potential high returns of emerging ones.

Excellence in Forex & Day Trading

Forex trading is another facet of the financial markets where I've focused my expertise. I specialize in intraday trading, where I analyse currency pairs, pinpoint profitable opportunities, and execute well-timed trades. My disciplined approach to risk management and my knack for conducting rigorous due diligence set me apart in the often-tumultuous world of Forex.

Industry Credentials

Being Chartered in the financial industry is not just a title; it's a responsibility. This status signifies my commitment to best practices and adherence to ethical standards. It's both a proof of my knowledge and a commitment to my continuous professional development.

Why I Share My Knowledge

I'm a strong advocate for the democratization of financial literacy. That's why you'll find me contributing to various financial publications, webinars, and seminars. My analyses are cited regularly, and I take immense pride in the educational materials I produce, which aim to simplify the often-complex world of financial trading for traders at all levels.

Integrity is the cornerstone of my professional life. I prioritize transparent trading practices and always put the financial well-being of my clients and audience first. These guiding principles are the bedrock of my reputation in this industry.

Through years of hands-on experience and specialized knowledge, I offer comprehensive, well-rounded advice on financial trading and investment. Whether you're just starting your trading journey or looking for insights to advance your portfolio, I'm here to guide you toward informed decisions that align with your financial goals.

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