Who are we?

Welcome to the Investors Centre! Our aim is straightforward: to furnish you with the expertise and information required to embark on your journey in the realm of investing. Gone are the days when investing was considered a mysterious and inaccessible industry. Today, it is easily accessible at the touch of a button.

Whether you are a parent saving for your children’s future or a young adult looking to invest your hard-earned funds, we are here to demystify the complex world of investing. We will break down the different aspects of investing and explain how they can work for you.

We will delve into a wide range of topics including Stocks and Shares, Funds, ISA’s, Digital Currencies, Self-Investment Pension Plans, and Property. Our goal is to help you comprehend the industry jargon, various investment strategies, and ways to manage risk effectively. Our objective is to empower you with the confidence to take your first steps towards financial independence.

The Investors Centre was established by a group of retail investors who set out on their investment journey with limited knowledge. Despite the challenges and mistakes along the way, every experience has added to our knowledge and has made us better investors. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you to help you reach financial prosperity more quickly.

Our Bio

The founders of The Investors Centre have extensive experience in investing, with decades of knowledge under their belt. All of the founders hail from the United Kingdom and share a common goal of establishing an informative financial website that covers exciting topics in the world of investing. While the team is committed to providing honest and accurate information, they do not offer any financial advice.

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Thomas Drury


Thomas is an experienced financial trader in leverage intruments, crypto and general investing. He has over a decade experience in finance and holds Chartered Status in the financial industry, Thomas’s specialty is trading CFDs, Forex and Day Trading. His crypto portfolio is heavily weighted towards BTC and Eth, but enjoys trading low cap crypto’s with higher volatility. Thomas’s favourite trading strategy is break out Trading.

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Dom Farnell


Dom is an experienced retail investor, learning his craft in what he likes to call the “hard way”. Through many of these lesson’s he has crafted himself a sound investment strategy that has enabled him to make investing into a business not just a hobby. He wanted to create The Investors Centre to be able to use these lessons and help other people establish them selves in the world of investing.

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Adam Woodhead


Adam is a career sales professional with extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, negotiation. His true passion is about trading and investment. His goal with TIC is to to create a resource hub for would-be investors to make their investing journey as efficient and enjoyable as possible. His investment strategies have been forged through extensive research and hands on experience. His portfolio consists of Bonds, Funds, Stocks and higher market-cap Crypto assets.

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