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Is FXIFY Legit and Reliable?

Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking for a new prop firm, or you’re a beginner looking to start trading for the first time, it’s important to tread carefully when choosing a prop trading firm – especially when the prop firm promises significant profits.


You may have come across FXIFY – a prop firm that boasts the fastest payouts in the prop industry and profit splits of up to 90%. But is this too good to be true?


That’s what we’ll be exploring today. Read on to learn more about FXIFY, and to find out whether FXIFY is legit and reliable.

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The FXIFY Process Explained

FXIFY is a proprietary trading firm that gives traders the chance to showcase their skills and trade with their capital. There are three main steps to the process:

1 – Evaluation

The evaluation stage is the initial phase where you demonstrate your trading abilities. During the initial evaluation, you will need to generate a return of 10% on your trading assessment within a certain amount of time – usually 30 days.


You will need to demonstrate discipline, risk management and technical expertise. Upon completing this stage, you can move on to the next step.

2 – Verification

When you have successfully reached the profit target within the specified timeframe, you can become a verified FXIFY trader. You will gain access to funded capital, and trade with larger sums. When you hit this stage, you become a certified FXIFY trader!

3 – Profit Split

As a certified FXIFY trader, you can earn up to 90% of your profits. The standard profit split is 70%, but you can increase this to 90% as an add-on. The more consistent you are with your profitability, the more doors open for scaling opportunities and increased capital. This ultimately means that the better you get, the more you can maximize your earning potential.

The Benefits of FXIFY

Now you know what to expect from the trading platform, let’s explore the benefits. FXIFY offers several benefits to traders, making it an attractive option if you’re looking to capitalize on your trading skills:

  • Increased Leverage: You can take advantage of increased leverage, enhancing your potential profits with their tools and resources.
  • Flexibility: FXIFY allows you to trade at your own pace, providing freedom and flexibility to focus on performance and profit targets.
  • Fast Payouts: With a bi-weekly payout system, you receive your earnings regularly, without waiting for long periods of time.
  • Profit Split: You have the opportunity to increase your profit split by 15%, ultimately earning up to 90% of your profits.
  • Refund Policy: FXIFY offers a 100% refund, providing a safety net if you’re not 100% happy with the platform.
  • Responsible Customer Service: Many users leave positive feedback on their responsive customer service. The FXIFY customer support team are on hand to help out with any questions or queries and resolve any issues.

Potential Considerations

Although FXIFY is a great prop firm with enticing opportunities, it’s important to consider certain factors before you sign up:

  • Performance Requirements: You must meet performance targets within a specified timeframe to progress through the evaluation process.
  • Risk Management: You need to demonstrate effective risk management skills to avoid exceeding maximum drawdown limits.
  • Market Volatility: You will need to be adaptable and resilient due to the unpredictability of financial markets.
  • Evaluation Fees: FXIFY offers a refund policy, but make sure you are aware of any evaluation fees or costs associated with the process.

Outlining the Legitimacy of FXIFY

The legitimacy of FXIFY hinges on several factors – transparency, track record, regulatory compliance, and customer feedback. FXIFY provides detailed information about its evaluation process, benefits, and potential considerations, making it a legitimate and reliable prop firm.


You can assess FXIFY’s credibility by looking at its track record and success stories within the trading community. Check out the reviews and testimonials from current and past users – this can give you a solid insight into FXIFY’s reliability and performance.


So, in conclusion, FXIFY is legit and reliable. It offers a great opportunity for you to showcase your trading skills and access significant capital for trading. Be sure you conduct thorough research and check out their terms and conditions to ensure you’re 100% satisfied before you start trading with FXIFY.

I'm Dom Farnell, a retail investor sharing my market experiences through blogs and articles. Though not a professional advisor, I aim to offer practical insights based on real-world experience, exploring strategies, challenges, and opportunities in investing.

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