Dramatic image of a bull seated at a desk between two monitors displaying 'IG' and 'eToro' logos, illustrating the competition between eToro vs IG in trading platforms.
Quick Summary While both offer commission-free trades, eToro has slightly lower fees (0.09% vs. 0.10% min.), but wider spreads (avg. 1.0 pip). IG boasts tighter spreads (avg. 0.6 pip) but lacks social features.  Page Contents Introduction Head to head Comparison Table Key...
Conceptual image of a bull facing two computer monitors with 'IG' and 'SAXO' logos, symbolizing the competitive edge
Quick Answer For UK forex & CFDs (2024), beginners favour IG’s user-friendly platform & education. Experienced traders might prefer Saxo’s powerful platform & potentially wider product range (consider fees & account types). Both FCA-regulated for safe trading. Take me to Saxo Take...
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