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Trading 212: How to get free shares in the UK

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Trading 212: How to get free shares in the UK

As we dive into the universe of investing, one platform, Trading 212, has revolutionised the approach to investment in the UK. The main spotlight of this post is the company’s captivating offer: free shares for its users in the UK.

This unique opportunity is advantageous for all types of investors, from beginners taking their first steps to seasoned traders looking to expand their portfolios. Today, we will explore how to obtain these free shares, the potential benefits of the company’s ‘refer a friend’ scheme, and why making your first investment with Trading 212 might be the right move for you.

The World of Investing Platforms

In recent years, the investment industry has seen a significant digital revolution with the introduction of numerous investment platforms. Trading 212 stands out among the crowd, offering a seamless and user-friendly app, loaded with a vast array of financial instruments such as stocks, Forex, commodities, and much more.

With a zero commission structure, it provides an affordable and accessible way to trade stocks and other securities. This is especially appealing to novice investors who may not have a substantial amount to invest initially.

Trading 212: A Comprehensive Trading Platform

This fintech pioneer stands as one of the few platforms that offer commission-free trading, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to invest. Users can trade a variety of financial instruments including stocks and shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, and more. The platform caters to both experienced investors who want to grow their own portfolio and newcomers eager to learn the ropes.

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Trading 212 Free Share UK Offer

This exciting offer helps any new investors get started by offering a free share worth up to £100 when they sign up. Make sure to use code TIC

Unpacking the Free Share UK Scheme

The concept behind the Free Shares UK scheme is simple yet compelling. Imagine being awarded a portion of a renowned company like Apple or Tesla, purely for signing up or bringing a friend onto the platform.

This is no dream – it’s the reality that Trading 212 has introduced, transforming investing into an even more rewarding endeavour. Trading 212 provides free stock to those who join their platform, making it a compelling choice among the many trading apps available in the UK.

Unveiling Trading 212’s Refer a Friend Scheme

One of the unique features of Trading 212 is the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme. As a user, you are provided with your own referral link which can be shared with friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested in investing.

When someone signs up using your referral link and makes their initial investment, both you and the new user receive additional free shares.

This scheme not only encourages users to bring more people onto the platform but also gives them the opportunity to expand their investment portfolio. Essentially, you get free shares simply by introducing others to the world of investing.

Creating Your Investment Account

Opening an account with Trading 212 is a smooth process. Users are rewarded with a sign-up bonus, often in the form of a free stock. The bonus is a captivating incentive for those looking for apps offering free stocks and shares. It provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to start their investment journey without having to put any of their own money at risk. If you are interested in what other investments apps there are, check out our page below.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have the ability to both buy and sell stocks. This control over your investment portfolio is part of what makes Trading 212 one of the most appealing investing platforms available. Furthermore, having the ability to trade stocks freely allows users to experiment and learn more about the market.

Understanding the Minimum Deposit

One of the advantages of the Trading 212 platform is the low minimum deposit required to start investing. At only £1 this makes getting started in investing affordable for everyone. This approachable minimum deposit means you can start your investment journey without having to commit a large sum upfront, making it a great platform for beginners and cautious investors alike. The focus is on providing an accessible investment opportunity to a wide range

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Trading 212’s Free Share UK Scheme: An Exciting Incentive


Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of Trading 212’s offerings is its free share UK scheme. This scheme is a unique initiative that rewards both new and existing users of the platform with free shares.

Imagine being awarded a piece of a company, such as Apple or Tesla, simply for signing up or inviting a friend to the platform. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Yet, this is the reality Trading 212 has created, making investing more rewarding than ever.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Free Share Scheme

Here’s the gist of how the free shares scheme works:

For new users: Once you sign up and fund your account with a minimum amount (usually £1), you get rewarded with a free share worth up to £100.

For existing users: If you’re already a user of the platform, you can earn free shares by inviting friends to join Trading 212. Once your friend funds their account, you both get a free share.

The shares you receive are chosen randomly from a pool of selected stocks, which include some of the biggest names in the business world.

Taking the First Step

Making the first investment can be a daunting task, but with Trading 212, the process is made simpler and more rewarding. As you make your initial investment, you’re not only investing in a stock of your choice, but you’re also investing in your future. The potential for financial growth, coupled with the possibility of gaining free stocks and shares through the referral, provides a strong incentive for taking the leap and making that initial investment.

Trading 212 stands as a pioneer among trading platforms, by providing a smooth, accessible experience, and the chance to get stocks and shares through their bonus and referral. The company’s ethos of democratizing investing in the UK by providing zero commission trades, an enticing sign-up bonus and rewarding referral scheme truly makes investing a feasible venture for everyone.

Whether you’re a novice investor taking your first steps or an experienced trader looking to get free stocks and shares, Trading 212 has an offer you wouldn’t want to miss. So why wait? Open your investment account today and start reaping the rewards of this revolutionised approach to investing.

A Deep Dive into the Free Trading Experience

What does free trading mean? Simply put, Trading 212 does not charge a fee when you buy or sell stocks and shares. The platform’s ability to offer commission-free trading is a significant advantage for investors, ensuring that more of your money invested goes towards your financial growth rather than being lost to fees. This is particularly beneficial for those just starting out who may not have a significant amount to invest.

Growing Your Portfolio with Referrals

Trading 212’s free share scheme doesn’t end with the initial sign-up. The platform encourages users to invite friends and family through their referral program, with each successful referral adding more free stock to your account. This is a fantastic way to continuously grow your portfolio without having to invest additional money.

Harnessing the Power of Fractional Shares

The concept of fractional shares allows users to invest in high-value stocks without having to pay the price of a full share. For instance, if you’ve always dreamed of owning a piece of a company like Apple or Tesla but have been deterred by the high share prices, by buying a fraction on a share this provides a cost-effective way to become a part of these high-value companies.

Trading 212’s Free Share UK scheme provides a unique opportunity for individuals to delve into the world of investing. The platform’s user-friendly interface, combined with the appealing free share scheme, low minimum deposit, and the ability to purchase fractional shares, makes it an attractive choice for anyone looking to start their investment journey or enhance their existing portfolio.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or taking your first steps into the world of investing, Trading 212 opens up a new avenue for financial growth. Embark on your investing journey today and reap the benefits that this trading app has to offer.

Trading 212 stands as a beacon among trading platforms, by providing a smooth, user-friendly experience, and the chance to get free stocks and shares in the uk through their sign-up bonus and referral. The company’s ethos of democratizing investing in the UK by providing zero commission trades, an enticing sign-up bonus and rewarding referral scheme truly makes investing a feasible venture for everyone.

Why Trading 212’s Free Share Scheme is a Game-Changer

The free share scheme is not just about getting freebies; it’s a cleverly crafted initiative aimed at promoting investing among the masses. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Boosts your investment portfolio: The free shares you earn add value to your investment portfolio, potentially leading to capital growth over time.

Enhances your trading experience: The excitement of earning a free share makes the trading experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Encourages referrals: The possibility of earning free shares incentivises users to invite their friends to the platform, thus expanding the Trading 212 user base.

How to Get Started with Trading 212 and Benefit from the Free Share Scheme

Getting started with Trading 212 is a breeze. Simply download the app, sign up by using code TIC, and fund your account to get your first free share. Once you’re on board, you can start inviting friends to join and earn more free shares.

The benefits don’t just stop at a free share

Whilst the appeal of getting a free stock from Trading 212 is a great incentive, and helps you to start investing in the stock market. There are many other benefits to signing up with this UK based investment platform, the other investment platforms don’t always provide you with.

Breaking Down Financial Barriers

One of the biggest hurdles in investing is the initial capital required. Many potential investors are deterred from making their initial investment due to the perceived financial risk. Trading 212’s initiative of providing free stocks and shares breaks down this barrier by enabling users to enter the market without any initial investment. The removal of this financial hurdle opens up investment opportunities to a wider audience, democratising access to financial markets.

Providing Real Investment Experience

In addition to the financial benefits, receiving free stocks and shares in the uk gives new investors the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in managing a portfolio. Without risking any of their own capital, investors can watch their stocks fluctuate in real-time, learning about the volatility of the market and the factors influencing these changes. This firsthand experience is invaluable, turning abstract investment concepts into tangible lessons.

Fueling Financial Education

As part of the free stock scheme, Trading 212 provides comprehensive educational resources. This guidance allows new investors to understand their free stocks and shares better and make informed decisions about future investments. The knowledge gained here can lay the foundation for successful long-term investment strategies.

Promoting Diversification

Free stocks and shares in the uk can also promote portfolio diversification, a crucial factor in risk management. With free stocks and shares potentially being from various sectors, investors can hold a more diversified portfolio from the get-go, mitigating the risk associated with investing in a single sector or stock.

Encouraging Further Investments

Finally, receiving free stocks can often be the incentive needed to encourage further investment. Once investors have seen the potential gains from their free stocks, they may be motivated to add to their portfolio with their own capital, starting their journey as fully-fledged investors.


In essence, the opportunity to receive free stocks and shares and shares is more than just a financial gain. It’s a gateway to understanding the investment landscape and learning how to manage and diversify a portfolio effectively.

Trading 212’s innovative approach of offering free stocks and shares in the UK provides a stepping stone into the world of investing, enabling everyone, regardless of financial background or knowledge, to embark on the rewarding journey of investment.

It’s an exceptional opportunity to delve into the world of financial markets, grow personal wealth and gain invaluable knowledge and experience. Whilst there are other general investment account options out there that you can get sign up bonuses & referral bonus schemes, we have found the 212 is the most user friendly and offers a huge amount of resource and support for you in your future investment strategy.

Other features Trading 212 has to offer

Trading 212 as an investing app has a lot to offer, as many UK investors have come expect out of their chosen platform. This personal finance behemoth really has thought of everything when it comes offering you many different features all under one umbrella.

Contract for Difference (CFD) Trading with Trading 212

Trading 212 is not just a platform for trading stocks, but also offers users the ability to engage in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading. A CFD is essentially a contract between a trader and a broker, where the trader speculates on the price movement of a financial asset. The beauty of CFD trading lies in its flexibility. Traders can benefit from price movements without owning the underlying asset, providing opportunities to profit from both rising and falling markets. Check out our page below on CFD Trading.

Forex Trading on Trading 212

Forex trading, also available on Trading 212, is another exciting feature. It involves trading currencies and can be a lucrative venture if navigated wisely. Trading 212 provides users with the tools and resources needed to understand and enter the world of forex trading, catering to the needs of both novice and experienced traders. Check out our page below on Forex trading.

Day Trading with Trading 212

Trading 212 is also a popular choice for day traders. Its fast and efficient platform ensures smooth execution of trades which is vital for day trading, where success often hinges on split-second decisions. The platform also offers technical analysis tools, real-time data and other resources that can help day traders make informed decisions. Check out our page below on day trading.

Educational Resources

One of Trading 212’s standout features is its commitment to education. The platform offers a variety of resources aimed at helping users understand the intricacies of trading. Whether you’re looking for investment advice, trying to understand how Forex trading works, or looking to delve deeper into the world of CFDs, Trading 212 has got you covered. From video tutorials to regular webinars and an interactive trading course, the platform is dedicated to empowering its users with knowledge. 

Security Features 

When it comes to financial transactions, security is paramount. Trading 212 recognises this and has implemented stringent security measures to protect users’ accounts. From two-factor authentication to encrypted communications, Trading 212 ensures that your account and personal information stay secure.

Tax-Free Personal Allowance

For UK residents, Trading 212 offers a general investment account as well as an ISA account. The latter allows users to take advantage of the UK’s tax-free personal allowance, thereby potentially increasing their investment returns.

Round up

From CFDs, forex, and day trading to extensive educational resources and strong security features, Trading 212 offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance the trading experience of its users. So, whether you’re new to the world of trading or an experienced trader, Trading 212 is a platform worth considering.


What is the Trading 212 free share scheme?

Trading 212’s free share scheme is a program where the platform awards free shares to its users. New users get a free share after signing up and funding their account. Existing users get a free share every time a friend they invite signs up and funds their account.

What kinds of shares can I receive from the Trading 212 free share scheme?

The shares you receive are chosen randomly from a pool of selected stocks, which can include major companies such as Apple, Tesla, and more.

How do I get started with Trading 212 and the free share scheme?

To get started with Trading 212, download the app, sign up, and fund your account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a free share. To earn more free shares, you can start inviting friends to join the platform.

Is Trading 212 safe for investing?

Yes, Trading 212 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. It uses advanced security measures to protect users’ investments and data. However, it’s crucial to remember that all investing comes with risk, and you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

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